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Selling a pharmacy – how does it proceed? What to remember? What to pay attention to?

Operating in the pharmaceutical market is different from "ordinary" running a business. It is subject to additional regulations, and running a pharmacy itself is subject to the procedure of obtaining the appropriate permit - it is therefore a regulated activity. As you can easily guess, the sale of such a pharmacy will be more complicated than the "traditional" procedure of selling an enterprise.

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Scheme for transferring a pharmacy license

How to properly transfer a pharmacy license

Transferring a license to operate a pharmacy is a process that requires great precision in view of the very stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law. From legal conditions, through preparation of documentation, to consequences

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CJEU judgment C-520/21 – full text

JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Fourth Chamber) of 15 June 2023 (*) Reference for a preliminary ruling - Unfair terms in consumer contracts - Directive 93/13/EEC - Article 6(1) 1 and art. 7 section 1 – Credit

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