Legal services for companies and partnerships in Warsaw
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Legal services for companies, partnerships and enterprises in Warsaw

Our law firm offers comprehensive legal services for companies - providing professional legal services at the business level. We adapt deadlines and service standards to the requirements of our clients, ensuring guaranteed response times to customer needs.

Over the years, we have gathered business experience to know how to advise companies and provide them with the help they actually need the most.

We solve problems instead of creating new ones. We prepare both contracts for specific transactions, as well as perfectly transparent, handy, and at the same time safe templates of contracts for companies, making everyday work easier.

We comprehensively handle large and small transactions. We conduct both the simple and the most difficult negotiations, cases and disputes, we help resolve difficult contracts and recover receivables. We also support starting a business in a new area and in registering commercial companies.

My team and I serve both companies and sole proprietorships. 

In a word, we provide comprehensive legal services for companies.

Do all entrepreneurs need legal services for their company? 

It will come as no surprise to anyone with experience in business that both small entrepreneurs and the largest companies need legal assistance. The final success of a company depends on many elements, and one of them - in our experience, one of the most important - is an effective approach to legal problems. This means, above all, minimizing the risks associated with running a business. The second key element is also effective and quick response to emerging legal problems - already at an early stage. As part of legal services to companies, we provide both practical and business advice and design effective and transparent solutions.

We comprehensively take care of the development of our clients' companies, also providing proven solutions. And, of course, contacts. Our most important goal remains to make business activities as easy as possible, not to hinder them, to positively resolve any conflicts, and then to help eliminate any other obstacles that stand in the way of financial success and further development of the company. 

We know that the faster a company develops, the greater not only the risk, but also the profits. Looking at it metaphorically, we are like a headrest in a car. We will not be indispensable on every journey, and some of us can cope without us for many years. However, sooner or later we can save the company's life. Not to mention efficiency, comfort and a sense of security. 

How to combine risk reduction with business efficiency? We know that.

Action focused on minimizing risk is crucial for every business. Every mistake, every old or outdated contract template, every minor or major negligence, and even minor inaccuracies usually have negative consequences reaching tens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of zlotys. Therefore, in accordance with the motto "prevention is better than cure", we provide both one-off legal services and ongoing advice in running the company's affairs. 

Our strategy is to cooperate closely with the companies we serve in order to thoroughly understand how they operate. Thanks to this, we are usually able to solve potential problems in the early stages.

We not only repair - we also prevent, and very often speed up, processes within companies. We often make it easier for them to act in the future. Small businesses can't afford to make big mistakes, just like large ones. No companies need them. Together we can do more to avoid mistakes in the future, and when we constantly cooperate, when new issues arise - thanks to close cooperation, we will be able to correct the situation faster. Our team Law Firm not only extinguishes fires, but also eliminates potential outbreaks of subsequent ones.

Companies that allow us to prepare their contract templates and take part in the negotiation of specific documents in key transactions - usually experience a significant increase in efficiency, not to mention legal security.

To which clients is our offer of legal services for the company addressed? 

We provide a wide range of services. we provide services legal services for companies, both for small, medium and large entrepreneurs. 

We provide legal services to all companies - both sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and limited partnerships. Thanks to the experience gained by Mr. Kłodziński (who during his career managed the legal departments of several really demanding companies), we are able to respond to the needs of almost every business client much better than many others. 

It is not like many entrepreneurs think that "only the largest companies can afford to use the services of a lawyer for every transaction or contract." The way it works is that large companies act this way because they have long ago calculated that it is ultimately profitable. Businesses could only grow to large-corporate size if they didn't make stupid mistakes. This stupid mistake is saving money on professional legal services.

If you run or manage a company - trust me, the sooner you find a good lawyer for your company and start using his services regularly - the better your business will be.

This is what professional legal service for a company is all about - not only do we react when a fire occurs, we not only prevent another one, but thanks to our extensive experience, we often help companies develop and operate much more effectively than before.

Price list for business customers

Initial consultation

PLN 500



We start providing services in each case with an initial consultation (book and pay conveniently here). During the first meeting, each client can count on:

  • Initial analysis of documents and evidence in the case
  • Preparation of an initial action plan and identification of key legal issues for further analysis
  • Estimation of further costs related to conducting the case
  • Verification whether there is a conflict of interest in the case with other clients / matters of the Law Firm
  • Establishing the standard for further legal services (Silver/Gold/Platinium)

The price includes a total of 1.5 hours of lawyer's work. Initial consultations are always conducted by the founder of the Law Firm - Legal Advisor Piotr Kłodziński.

Legal services for the company

PLN 350 / hour

Current legal services for the company and conducting all matters related to the business activity or the company represented by the Client.

Hourly rate calculated after completion of the initial consultation.

Guaranteed order execution time - orders can be completed within 10 hours of a lawyer's work, within 4 business days.

Legal services for the company
 in standard

PLN 550 / hour

Current legal services for the company to the highest standard and conducting all matters related to the business activity or the company represented by the Client.

The service is charged after the initial consultation.

Guaranteed order execution time, order execution up to 10 hours of lawyer's work, within 1 business day. Dedicated contact channels and priority service.

What can we do for you? 

Answers to the question: where do we start? – however, you must provide it. 

The law firm provides legal services for companies and companies, broadly understood business, that our client needs. And even a little more - we usually stand out with a uniquely pro-active approach. Most often, as part of comprehensive legal services for a company, we offer: 

  • Permanent, ongoing legal services; 
  • Preparation of transparent and accessible contract templates for companies to facilitate their daily work; 
  • Legal and transactional advice – both for small and large transactions; 
  • Obtaining permits and operating licenses;
  • Legal advice regarding the business model, operating structure, etc.; 
  • Creation of new entities and liquidation of inactive entities; 
  • Support in M&A processes - mergers, acquisitions, audits, negotiations, assistance in the sale of shares, resolving conflicts between partners; 
  • Support in obtaining financing; 
  • Conducting business negotiations
  • Resolving conflicts between partners;
  • Conducting pre-trial negotiations and mediation; 
  • Support in the field of labor and employment law;
  • Support in selling the company (e.g pharmacy sales)
  • Conducting legal audits (in particular in the field of real estate law and pharmaceutical law) and due diligence; 
  • Providing services to company bodies (supervisory boards, general meetings of shareholders, etc.); 
  • Conducting court cases.
legal services for companies in Warsaw

Our law firm offers legal services for companies and business activities

Industries in which we provide legal services to companies: 
  • Real estate – purchase, sale, RENTAL, etc.; 
  • Retail and catering chains – support in expansion and development;
  • Shopping Malls and Office Buildings – support in the commercialization of commercial premises; 
  • Pharmaceutical Market– legal services for chains of pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers of medicines, supplements and medical devices; 
  • Technology – legal services and preparation of IT contracts;
  • Entertainment - in particular, preparation of contracts with artists, sponsorship contracts and event contracts;
  • Fashion – supporting fashion brands in contracting purchases and sales, as well as in creating marketing contracts with models, photographers, etc.; 
  • Intellectual property – agreements on the transfer of rights and licenses;
  • Sale of enterprises and shares – handling transactions, resolving conflicts between company partners.
What should you pay attention to when choosing legal services for your company? 
  • The law firm should have experience in a given industry/order; 
  • Possibly a flat-rate price for the service, 
  • Assistance should be not only legal, but also business; 
  • A lawyer should also be a good negotiator
  • A lawyer should facilitate the transaction, not hinder it;
  • The lawyer should instinctively understand where the company's profit is - what is good for the client and what is not.

In today's highly bureaucratic times, success has many elements. In addition to know-how and approach to business, it also provides adequate legal protection for the company's activities. And we, because we deal with many branches of law - including administrative law - are able to ensure not only this security, but also to optimize, simplify and make contracts and all procedures clear and transparent.

We provide comprehensive legal services: we advise on business, secure transactions and operations from a legal point of view, and represent entrepreneurs and the company in court. We can also conduct proceedings before the office, resolve internal disputes in companies (and more often those between partners) or negotiate contracts and transactions on behalf of our client. If disputes and problems arise under labor law in a given company, we also provide legal and negotiation assistance. Because when we write "comprehensive" we really mean comprehensive legal services for companies.

We want our client not to have to look for a solution to business and legal problems related to his business and leave it to us. If you need to find a specialist in a specific area of law or a law firm operating in another country, just leave it to us. We'll take care of it.

As mentioned above, we care primarily about active work with the client, and therefore, we always want to learn as thoroughly as possible the method, procedures and nature of the client's business. For this reason, if the client allows, as part of the company's legal services, we try to "penetrate" the company's structures as deeply as possible to better understand its needs. For this reason, we base our activities on conversations both with the management board and with line employees. 

When preparing contract templates, procedures for a company or providing other services, we first want to learn how the company operates and the approach of employees who work in the company on a daily basis, in order to understand where the most common trouble spots are. The basis for us is to best understand the risks associated with the subsequent implementation of documents prepared in cooperation with the client - such as specific contracts or contract templates for a given department.

We select a team of specialists individually for each case, and we often also seek additional opinions from professors and doctors of law, if this can increase the chances of winning the case. We find experts ourselves to prepare opinions at the pre-trial stage. We visualize the received information in a transparent and accessible way - also for the other party and the court. We believe in the principle that if we know how to convey that we are right, it is easier to convince the other party to do so.


Our goal is to provide such extensive legal assistance that our client can focus only on running his business - where we also provide advice and contacts. That is why we provide both permanent legal services to companies for a flat-rate price and consultations ad-hoc. Our clients know that it is very easy we solve additional, less typical problems that arise when running a business.

Most importantly, the costs of our legal advice are predictable - each client can estimate them independently using price list of legal services for companies.

Within comprehensive legal services for companies we testify also an unusual, but increasingly popular service on the market. This is about providing legal support to company employees. For many years, we have been offering entrepreneurs - on the occasion of regular service - an hourly or two-hour bonus "on duty for employees” – during which employees can ask our qualified lawyer once a week for support or advice in solving their everyday problems. In this way, we sanction a practice that has always existed anyway, placing it in a standardized framework. This gives employers confidence that our employees work only for the employer at the designated time, and we also make the employer's offer for the employee more attractive - among other things, employee turnover is significantly reduced and their problems remain in good hands.

Legal services for companies

We are open to new clients and cooperation. Legal services for companies we carry out in our offices in in Warsaw and Krakow, and of course also in your offices. Moreover, we value your time and we are fully available for remote cooperation - we can work via videoconferencing, telephone and, of course, e-mail. Many clients currently prefer to cooperate strictly online, and we have both the technical capabilities and experience to communicate with clients this way if they so wish.

Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our services and to: contact directly with our Law Firm to determine the terms of our cooperation. Based on ours price list for legal services for companies we will prepare a personalized offer legal services for your company – both in terms of constant care and for the issue that is most important today.