Our services

Our services

Rental agreements

On a daily basis, we provide legal services in matters relating to the rental of commercial and office premises, representing both Landlords and Tenants, i.e. property owners and those who use (or will use) them for a fee for a specified period of time. Working on both sides of the negotiation table allows us to better understand the problems faced by both parties to lease agreements, as well as the real interests and intentions represented by them during negotiations of lease agreements or in matters relating to their early termination. The office's employees know almost all the arguments that the other side of the negotiations can use, and thanks to our experience in representing entities on both sides - we are able to properly balance and verify these arguments. This is important both when concluding and terminating lease agreements.

Family law

The number of cases resolved by family courts in Poland increases every year. The increasing entrusting of family matters to trusted lawyers is due to other reasons. First of all, there has been a professionalization of the market - each of us is already aware of the fact that not only the property, but also the life situation and family relations, which directly and actually translate into the quality of further life. At this most difficult moment, family matters are something we have to face, so it is worth choosing an experienced advisor. This may be someone authorized to represent the parties in the proceedings - e.g. a legal advisor who should support us with his or her experience. Professional support involves not only representation in court, but also advice when we are faced with the need to make the most difficult decisions. Most often, using the services of a professional lawyer specializing in family matters, despite the costs, simply pays off.

Business negotiations

As a professional legal advisor, I often recommend business and legal negotiations as a form of establishing the principles of future cooperation or resolving a conflict or dispute arising between entrepreneurs. A few years ago, I won the title of Best Negotiator in the Tournament of the National Chamber of Legal Advisors, and was also the captain of the negotiation team that won the tournament. Arbitration, mediation, and, above all, the ability to reach an agreement, are the pillars on which I base my Law Firm's activities. So far, my law firm has conducted over 250 cases in which - thanks to settlements concluded as a result of legal negotiations - long and expensive court proceedings were avoided or their duration was significantly shortened. I negotiate contracts and settlements in various areas: from the lease of premises, through commercial and construction contracts, to development, banking and civil partnership matters, often joining the case before a conflict has occurred or after the first salvo in the form of mutual calls and statements.

Labor law

We provide specialized services for business in the field of labor law. We have extensive experience in preparing and implementing HR procedures in companies employing a total of over 50,000 employees. Our law firm and its employees have participated in dozens of court disputes and countless cases that were stopped before they reached the labor court. Appropriate policies and procedures in the human resources department ensure optimal business operation, unblock ineffective processes and, above all, ensure safety during inspections by public administration bodies and in disputes at the pre-trial and judicial stages. We are aware of examples of very large companies in which our comprehensive activities during the year resulted in a decrease in the number of employee cases at the court stage from 30 to 1 per year. The key to success in this case is an in-depth analysis of problems and the preparation of appropriate, very transparent procedures for employees in managerial positions at various levels (containing simple instructions on how to deal with difficult situations).

Pharmaceutical law

Pharmaceutical law at the Kłodziński Law Firm. During my professional career as a legal advisor, I have often taken on cases in the field of one of the most important specializations for people's lives and health - pharmaceutical law. For several years, I ran the legal department of one of the largest international pharmacy chains - Euro-Apteka. As the President of the Management Board of one of the pharmacy companies, I was also responsible for the development of this chain as part of the franchise program. Thanks to good knowledge and constant monitoring of changes in pharmaceutical law, as well as full commitment, I was able to delve deeply into the unusual nature of this industry.

Civil matters

Copyright, compensation for medical errors and cooperative law. Why? Because there are excellent specialists in these fields with whom we cooperate. Almost all other areas of civil law. In particular, agreements, contracts, court disputes and real estate. We also assist in the sale and purchase of shares in commercial law companies, as well as help establish settlements between partners. We also provide comprehensive support to entities interested in the sale and acquisition of entities operating on the pharmaceutical market (e.g. pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers). Primarily, preparing and negotiating contracts, with particular emphasis on real estate lease agreements. This applies primarily to lease agreements for commercial premises, including those located in shopping malls, retail parks, pavilions, as well as office buildings and warehouses. We also often prepare contracts for catering establishments.

Legal services for companies

We also offer comprehensive service for business clients. Legal support is focused primarily on effectively solving entrepreneurs' problems. We provide effective assistance in running businesses and companies. We have the necessary experience to provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs quickly, efficiently and effectively.