How much does legal advice cost? How much does a lawyer cost? Price list of the Law Firm's legal services

How much does legal advice cost? Legal Advisor Price list for individual clients

Price list of the Legal Adviser's Office | Price list of lawyer services, Legal Advisor Price list

Each case is subject to an individual valuation, made during the initial consultation. The prices given below are gross prices (which means that they include VAT). 

Initial consultation
PLN 500

We start providing services in each case with an initial consultation (book and pay conveniently here meeting date at our headquarters or online). During the first meeting, the client can count on answers to basic questions, as well as:

  • Initial analysis of documents and evidence 
  • Preparation of a preliminary action plan
  • Identifying and clarifying key legal issues for further analysis 
  • Estimation of further costs related to conducting the case or preparing an opinion
  • Verification whether there is a conflict of interest in the case with other clients / matters of the Law Firm

The price includes 1.5 hours of lawyer's work. 

Legal advice/case management
PLN 350 / hour

This is our hourly rate, which is the basis for setting prices for services performed as part of the orders entrusted to us. We offer a full range of legal services for individual clients at the pre-trial and court stages. The rate applies to:

  • legal analysis of the case and preparation of legal opinions
  • preparing letters, summons and appeals
  • replies to letters
  • preparation of court documents, including lawsuits. appeal and cassation
  • preparation of draft contracts
  • participation in meetings, negotiations, etc.

The service is charged after the initial consultation. The price does not apply to matters related to customers' business activities (we invite customers representing companies to take advantage of the offer we offer legal services for companies and price list of legal services for companies). 

Legal advice and handling of labor law cases
 PLN 250 / hour

Providing legal advice and handling labor law matters. We help individuals in matters of:

  • appeals against termination of an employment contract,
  • unpaid overtime or wages
  • agreements and collective disputes
  • competition bans
  • other matters relating to conflicts with employers.

We prepare (or verify) termination of employment contracts, B2B contracts, mandate contracts and non-competition agreements. The time to prepare a letter/summons is usually about 3 hours, the time to prepare a lawsuit in an employment matter together with consultations with the client is usually about 8 hours of our work.

How much does legal advice cost - Price list of the Legal Adviser's Office