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Legal services in the field of family law, in addition to corporate services, include: concluding and terminating lease agreements for commercial, service and office premises, these matters that, as a legal advisor, I have been dealing with for years in my current, everyday practice. The concept of "family law" is very broad: it includes matters such as divorces, matters relating to determining or changing the amount of alimony, matters relating to custody of children, or matters relating to the division of property during or after a divorce. All this is handled by our law firm in Warsaw and its Krakow branch.
We invite you to read the text below and decide whether and to what extent our law firm can provide you with support in this area. Me and my team are here to answer all your questions.

divorce lawyer, family law Warsaw

The number of cases resolved by family courts in Poland increases every year. The increasing entrusting of family matters to trusted lawyers is due to other reasons. First of all, there has been a professionalization of the market - each of us is already aware of the fact that not only the property, but also the life situation and family relations, which directly and actually translate into the quality of further life. At this most difficult moment, family matters are something we have to face, so it is worth choosing an experienced advisor. This may be someone authorized to represent the parties in the proceedings - e.g. a legal advisor who should support us with his or her experience. Professional support involves not only representation in court, but also advice when we are faced with the need to make the most difficult decisions. Most often, using the services of a professional lawyer specializing in family matters, despite the costs, simply pays off.

Legal and family relations, unfortunately, do not follow any one-size-fits-all schemes; each possible course of action has many different consequences. Legal regulations in this area of social life in practice cover every citizen. Family law is regulated by the Family and Guardianship Code, the Civil Code and specific laws and regulations. Moreover, their amendments as well as the provisions of EU law must be taken into account. The multitude of cases and legal standards in this field, as well as the fact that it may affect each of us sooner or later, mean that when difficult days come, we seek the help of a trusted specialist - in this case experienced lawyer – becomes invaluable. The Kłodziński Law Firm also responds to such needs of individual clients and you can count on our services whenever the need arises.

Family problems are often personal matters of exceptional importance to the participants, carrying an exceptionally strong emotional charge. Divorce matters, division of property and alimony require special balance and sensitivity, with a very decisive and consistent approach. I know how important it is to solve such problems as efficiently as possible for the quality of life of our clients. After all, they concern the people closest to us and often have a negative impact on all other aspects of life, including social and professional life. Since these matters themselves are usually charged with a huge amount of negative emotions, my law firm guarantees reliable, tactful service, aimed primarily at calming emotions, and thus also stabilizing the situation and making appropriate decisions.

I will help you solve key problems - establish and negotiate precise and possibly conflict-free agreements for the future, and, if necessary, how to best present your arguments before the family court.

Divorces, division of property and alimony are family law matters that should most often not be solved without the support of an experienced lawyer. Most often, they are resolved through a court process, because in accordance with the Family and Guardianship Code, we cannot decide on, for example, a divorce through an out-of-court settlement. In the case of divorce cases, we can talk about divorce with or without a judgment of fault. In both cases, my law firm makes every effort to ensure that the entire procedure burdens the client as little as possible. I always try to make the case as conflict-free as possible - preferably when both parties agree with its content, even at the cost of some compromises. Then, it is possible to obtain a divorce at the first hearing, because in the event of undisputed fact, the court does not initiate investigative proceedings and limits itself only to hearing both parties. And recently, divorce cases in which the court does not even hold a hearing are becoming more and more common. Very often, the intentions and interests of both parties in a family case are convergent, but the unmistakable negative emotions between the participants obscure their true, often common intentions. In many cases, divorce cases are the same as those regarding contact with children and alimony. Why? If a married couple formally breaks up and has children, the court is obliged to regulate these issues simultaneously with the divorce decree. For this reason, as a legal advisor, I always actively conduct negotiations in order to obtain an agreement between the spouses regarding the amount of alimony and the division of child care time - even before the first hearing. This will help you get your divorce as quick and relatively painless as possible. It is important that it is so for both you and your children - and this is most often in the best interest of all parties to the family case. While the judgment on alimony or contact is usually made in the divorce judgment (which is often later modified in this respect at the request of one of the parties), the decision on the division of property may take place both at the divorce hearing and in further proceedings - depending on from the details of the case. The case

Most often, the key is to reliably present all parties to the proceedings with the true and possibly complete state of affairs, both factually and legally. If we exclude emotions, it turns out that in the actual sphere, the interests of the people involved in the case are often convergent in many points. Of course, I very decisively present the issues on which my client cannot budge, but most often I try to explain what each of the proposed solutions entails.

A good balance of arguments already at the stage of formulating demands is the path not only to the best result tomorrow, but also to peace in the coming years.

I invite you to the office.