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Piotr Kłodziński
- Legal Counsel
Warsaw / Krakow

Lawyer, negotiator, and experienced manager.

Education and distinctions

A graduate of law studies at the best Faculty of Law in Poland - the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. He completed legal advisor training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Krakow in 2016.

During his training, he won the title of Best Negotiator in the Tournament of the National Chamber of Legal Advisors. Winner of the Rising Stars plebiscite organized by Wolters Kluwer and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. A long-time member of the Polish Association of Enterprise Lawyers.

A graduate of the first year in Poland of the Legal MBA course developing managerial competences of business lawyers and the European School of Civil Law at the University of Salzburg. 


For 5 years he has been running his own and constantly developing company with great success Law Firm. Before founding the law firm, he worked as a Senior Lawyer heading the Legal Department at Euro Apteka. It was a chain of pharmacies operating in seven European countries at that time. Additionally, he is also an expert of several pharmaceutical industry organizations, invited, among others, to meetings of the Parliamentary Health Committee and to consultations with the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

He was also the co-creator of the operating model and co-author of the huge market success of the largest entertainment and sports arena in Poland (Tauron Arena Kraków), where he worked as Director of the Management Office and Deputy Director of the Management Office - responsible for negotiating contracts and event agreements. During his career, he also worked for the international consulting company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), as a manager of international transactions on the commercial real estate market.

Design experience

He has been creating and negotiating since 2010 real estate lease agreementsHe has led hundreds of projects related to real estate rental, commercialization of shopping centers and malls, expansion of retail and restaurant chains, creation of franchise networks, and termination of difficult premises lease agreements. He also conducts transactions involving the purchase and sale of pharmacies.

He also dealt with the sale and purchase of shares in commercial law companies, resolving conflicts between company partners, labor law matters, and registration of medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements. 

Already during his strictly legal career, he cooperated with the "Law Firm of the Year" operating on the retail market, where he negotiated contracts and agreements on behalf of tenants and landlords in almost every major shopping mall in Poland. He started his career while still studying, as a specialist in real estate investments and commercialization, for one of the best-developing developers on the shopping mall market. Currently, he is, among others, a permanent arbitrator at the Małopolska Court of Arbitration resolving contract disputes between entrepreneurs.

Lawyer's areas of specialization:  

comprehensive legal services for companies 
negotiating settlements in court and pre-trial cases,
– civil law,
– preparation and negotiation of the content of economic contracts
commercial real estate lease agreements, and event contracts, investment contracts, construction contracts, IT implementation contracts, M&A, purchase and sale of shares, development contracts, loans, civil partnerships, management contracts and B2B contracts, etc.)
– resolving conflicts between company partners
– pharmaceutical law (including pharmacy sales, opening pharmacies)
– construction law.

To sum up – according to Gazeta Prawna:

“A lawyer specializing in preparing a dispute resolution strategy and effective negotiations. A qualified legal advisor with extensive experience in real estate, contract law and project management, including support in the development of new companies. Experience in creating, developing and implementing new (of course simpler and much more efficient than previous) processes, policies and procedures. He acquired skills in team building and operations management. He has thorough knowledge of the commercial real estate market, legal services for companies and businesses, extensive legal knowledge, excellent negotiation skills and is always ready to achieve new goals. The ability to handle multiple creative tasks at once and excellent communication create a lawyer who constantly encourages his clients to look at the bigger picture.”

Antoni Skoczek - Legal Advisor Kraków

Education and distinctions


Since 2019, a graduate of law studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In 2022, he completed his legal advisor training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Krakow and then successfully passed the professional examination for legal advisor, obtaining one of the three best results among all candidates.


From 2023. Licensed restructuring advisor. Member of the Iuris Prudentia association engaged in conducting scientific studies on civil law, promoting knowledge in the field of civil law and cultivating and developing the Polish legal tradition. Co-editor and co-author of the publication Civil Law. Comments on the judgments of the Supreme Court, WUJ, Kraków 2019.




He started working as a lawyer while still studying law, joining a law firm of legal advisors and restructuring advisors. The above has allowed him to successfully develop his skills and knowledge in the area of bankruptcy and restructuring law for 7 years.


He participated in countless bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings of the largest Polish enterprises, being responsible, among others, for: for negotiating commercial terms, preparing contracts and liquidating assets belonging to the bankruptcy estate. He has extensive experience in supporting both restructuring advisors (syndicators, court supervisors, administrators) and in representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. Co-author of probably the first liquidation agreement concluded in bankruptcy proceedings after 2016.


During his legal training, he also gained professional experience by conducting classes in civil law for subsequent generations of lawyers, as well as running his own business, in which he cooperated with many law firms in Krakow and Warsaw, drafting pleadings and conducting negotiations in some of the largest commercial disputes. in Poland. He provided ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs from the service and development industries, being responsible, among others, for: for implementing compliance policy, negotiation processes, resolving disputes, as well as constructing agreements and commercial contracts.


He has been associated with the Kłodziński Law Firm since its very beginning, first as an associate, now as a person co-deciding on the directions of its development. He excels in the courtroom, using his extensive knowledge, procedural experience and oratorical skills.


Lawyer's areas of specialization:  

civil law

bankruptcy and restructuring law

pharmaceutical law

– commercial company law

– entrepreneurs' law

– contract law – negotiating and preparing contracts in business transactions

– ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs

- administrative law

– construction disputes