Business and legal negotiations

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Piotr Kłodziński – Lawyer, business and legal negotiator

  • Conducting negotiations of contracts and commercial agreements in Polish and English
  • Negotiations in the most difficult legal and business disputes, participation in negotiations and mediations
  • Preparation of contract templates, general contract terms and regulations
  • Resolving conflicts between partners, selling enterprises and shares in companies
  • Transaction management, business consulting for companies, transaction audits, due diligence
  • Preparation of legal and business analyzes regarding potential opportunities for cooperation, development and sale of the company

Business and legal negotiations


As a professional legal advisor, I usually make recommendations to my clients business and legal negotiations, resolving a conflict or dispute arising between partners or entrepreneurs or establishing the principles of cooperation for the future. I prepare negotiation strategies and conduct negotiations both in smaller cases and in cases of multi-million contracts.

I won the title a few years ago The Best Negotiator in the Tournament of the National Chamber of Legal Advisors, while being captain of the negotiating team that won the tournament. Arbitration, mediation and, above all, the ability to bring even the most conflicting parties to an agreement are the pillars on which I base the activities of the law firm I run and my team. 

So far, my law firm has conducted several hundred cases in which - thanks to settlements concluded as a result of legal negotiations - long and expensive court proceedings were avoided or their duration was significantly shortened. I negotiate contracts and settlements in various areas: from conflicts between partners, through premises lease agreements, commercial and construction contracts, to development matters, often joining the case before the conflict occurred, or after the first or even the tenth salvo in the form of mutual demands and notices.

Business and law always go hand in hand. Therefore, a very good idea when joining business negotiations is to use the help of a lawyer-negotiator experienced in conducting disputes. What for? Business negotiations can be very complex and, therefore, require in-depth knowledge of legal provisions in various fields. As a legal advisor, I ensure that the requirements of both parties are agreed
and written down in a manner consistent with the applicable regulations as much as possible and - most importantly - so that the arrangements concluded are suitable for real implementation. 

I can join the cause at every stage of negotiations. The lawyer's task is not only to directly conduct negotiations, but also to develop, together with the client, the strategy according to which they are conducted business negotiations. Together we determine whether there are issues on which we can give way, to what extent we can do it and we analyze the situation and the demands of the other side - looking for win-win solutions. Most often, I take over the entire case and act as your attorney and representative during meetings with the other party to the dispute until the final arrangements are accepted. 

Business negotiations are a big challenge for every lawyer - they test not only knowledge and legal skills, but also communication and negotiation skills, and force you to combine creative ideas for resolving a dispute with available legal solutions. By joining legal or business negotiations me and my team always put effective protection of our clients' interests first - however, this requires developing a solution signed by all parties.

In the vast majority of cases, hiring a lawyer-negotiator is the best possible solution.