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Together with my team of excellent lawyers, as part of our Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services to companies and the most difficult cases of individual clients.
Key areas of our practice: 

We provide legal services at a professional, business level to all clients, including individual clients. What distinguishes our law firm from others is not only high-quality writing and extensive business experience, but also negotiation skills. In urgent matters, we can ensure an extremely short response time, and we offer all clients clear, simple and transparent rules of cooperation from the beginning.

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Legal services for COMPANIES and individual clients in a premium standard

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Piotr Kłodziński - Legal Advisor

Law firm from Warsaw. Legal advice and professional legal services in Warsaw and Krakow.

Contact the office of our law firm from Monday to Friday from: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. by phone or send an e-mail to biuro@klodzinskikancelaria.pl

Are you looking for an effective lawyer and a good law firm? Our qualifications, talent and experience serve to comprehensively solve your problems. 

Legal services for companies and business activities - Lawyer Warsaw

Effective legal services for companies, including companies and business activities and handling the most difficult cases of natural persons. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services, including the preparation of letters, as well as the creation and negotiation of contracts and settlements. If necessary, our Law Firm represents clients in cases and disputes - both at the court and pre-trial stages.

Our primary goal is to provide both entrepreneurs and individuals with the highest quality legal services at an acceptable price.

In particular, we handle cases relating to civil law, pharmaceutical law, corporate law, labor law and construction law. For years as law firm from Warsaw, now also with a branch in Krakow, we specialize in preparing exceptionally transparent contract templates. Thanks to technologies enabling remote cooperation and, if necessary, high mobility - we operate throughout the country. We can also provide direct support in negotiating key contracts for your business.

We support clients during contract negotiations, including real estate lease agreements or the terms of their termination. We also conduct disputes and cases related to real estate law and, more broadly, civil law. We prepare contracts, notices of termination, letters, lawsuits, summons, as well as appeals and cassations - in civil cases. We also support clients in running their businesses with our business consulting. 

We professionally support pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and individual pharmacists in matters related to: pharmaceutical law. In disputes over reimbursement from the National Health Fund, we advise not only pharmacists, but also doctors. If necessary, we also represent our individual clients in disputes with developers and in the most difficult family matters.

Preparation and negotiation of professional lease agreements for commercial real estate (galleries, restaurants, shops, offices, malls) - we have been providing legal services to both landlords and tenants for years. Thanks to this, we can better understand the arguments and concerns of the other party, which allows us to prepare a better lease agreement for each party. We also help tenants and landlords in disputes regarding rent reductions and termination of lease agreements.

Legal Advisor Warsaw – Fixed price guarantee, also for natural persons

As one of the few law firms operating on the Polish market, we provide fixed, flat-rate prices for specific services or matters on our website - some of them can be found in Law Firm's price lists. For greater clarity, we have prepared price list of legal services for companies and legal advice price list for individual clients. You can also send us an e-mail at any time asking for a free estimate of the costs of handling your case. We do not have a policy of adding many different surcharges to previously agreed terms of cooperation. You know in advance exactly how much you will pay, and in return you get the highest quality of services. This is what we call transparent rules of cooperation.

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Business experience, legal knowledge and substantive preparation that pay off for our clients

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The Legal Advisor's Office run by me and my team offers a wide, comprehensive scope legal services in Warsaw. We provide our services to all clients - a legal advisor is a lawyer for companies and individual clients. Civil law, company law, contracts, including real estate lease agreements and pharmaceutical law - these are the main areas of our specialization. Additionally, we are happy to assist clients in other matters requiring legal assistance, for example in the field of labor law or construction law.

The services offered by our Law Firm to entrepreneurs and enterprises include: legal services for companies On a daily basis, they help many of our clients cope with concluding and terminating even the most difficult and unfavorable contracts. Our primary goal is for our client to be able to sign a contract guaranteeing peaceful business conduct and good cooperation between both parties.

By entrusting your case to our law firm, you will be sure that you have done everything to ensure that your business activity has the best prepared and exceptionally clear and transparent contract that will well protect your interests and those of your business. We will also help you professionally prepare notices of termination or withdrawal from the contract, question the notices received and resolve business disputes or disputes between the employer and the employee.

The greatest value is that we provide legal services to all parties to legal relations - so you can contact us regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a seller or a buyer, an entrepreneur or a consumer, an employer or an employee. Lawsuits are not pleasant experiences and often consume a lot of time, commitment and nerves. That's why the services we provide legal services it also includes mediations, legal and business negotiations, which we conduct with great success, even before a court dispute occurs. Ending the proceedings amicably, although it often seems impossible, is usually the optimal solution after an appropriate and objective presentation of the legal situation to both parties. This is the whole secret of our success.

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With many years of experience in legal services for companies and real estate law, we have the competences that enable us to provide legal services at a business level. That is why we handle the most important transactions for our clients - those relating to the rental, purchase and sale of real estate. 

We often help negotiate lease agreements for commercial or office premises and conduct cases concerning the terms and conditions of such agreements. Our law firm offers entrepreneurs specialized legal services in matters relating to commercial real estate. Regardless of whether you want to rent an office or commercial premises, examine its legal status, or, as a retail chain, you are looking for full legal services in matters relating to the lease of real estate, you do not have to outsource each of these tasks to different lawyers - at my law firm, we comprehensively provide all the necessary services in such matters. legal services.

In the case of construction investments and development projects, disputes often arise. These occur both at the design and implementation stages. We can help you prepare a reliable construction contract, minimizing the possibility of a subsequent dispute. And also help resolve a dispute that has already arisen, for example with a developer.

Another area of practice in which our law firm's team has already gained extensive experience is pharmaceutical law. 

Our professional legal services Law Firm based in Warsaw This field is chosen primarily by entrepreneurs running pharmacies - both individual pharmacies and small and large chains. Our clients also include distributors and wholesalers of medicines, as well as their manufacturers, pharmaceutical industry organizations and suppliers of IT services and pharmaceutical software. As part of pharmaceutical law matters, we deal with a wide range of matters, ranging from defending pharmacists in disciplinary proceedings, as well as supporting pharmacies in inspections conducted by the National Health Fund and WIF. We also very often support entrepreneurs with legal and business advice when making their decisions purchase or sale of pharmacies and wholesalers. That is, enterprises operating not only on the basis of enterprise and company law, but primarily on the basis of pharmaceutical law regulations. We also negotiate terms and analyze provisions in contracts and supply agreements. Of course, we also support these entities by preparing and analyzing real estate lease agreements concluded by them. Finally, we also deal with disputes with the National Health Fund regarding refunds - in this respect we support both pharmacists and doctors.   

Professional services of the Law Firm in Warsaw. Lawyers specializing in legal services for companies. Real Estate Lease Lawyers.

Business experience that pays off

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- Professional legal services for companies and individuals

Legal services services provided by our office, in each of the fields mentioned above, are characterized primarily by a professional approach and searching for the best and most effective, and often also unconventional, solutions. Most often, the sooner a dispute is resolved, the sooner both parties will be able to "move on" - and this is most often the most important thing in business and in life. Check: How much does it cost to have a lawyer write a letter?