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Piotr Kłodziński – Labor Law Specialist

Labor law Warsaw

We provide specialized services for business in the field of labor law. We have extensive experience in preparing and implementing HR procedures in companies employing a total of over 50,000 employees. Our law firm and its employees have participated in dozens of court disputes and countless cases that were stopped before they reached the labor court.

Appropriate policies and procedures in the human resources department ensure optimal business operation, unblock ineffective processes and, above all, ensure safety during inspections by public administration bodies and in disputes at the pre-trial and judicial stages. We know of examples of very large companies in which our comprehensive activities during the year resulted in a decrease in the number of employee cases at the court stage from 30 to 1 per year. The key to success in this case is an in-depth analysis of problems and the preparation of appropriate, very transparent procedures for employees in managerial positions at various levels (containing simple instructions on how to deal with difficult situations). We also provide online assistance to meet the current needs of human resources departments - we answer questions, consult documents, help in preparing the most important contracts, interpret changing regulations, etc.
A properly prepared HR package for corporations includes: work regulations, remuneration regulations, employment policy, employment contract termination policy, personnel management policy, anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policy, GDPR information clause, a package of employment contract templates for various positions along with employment contracts. confidentiality and non-competition where necessary. 

One rule applies in this case: the more simple and transparent the documents are, the more often they will be read by anyone and, consequently, used in practice. As a result, your company will become safer.

We also support companies, and perhaps above all, where there are disputes arising from the termination of an employment relationship - in mediations, negotiations and court proceedings. Very often, we end even the most difficult cases by finding common solutions that previously did not seem possible to both conflicting parties. To discuss details, please contact us. 

In such matters, what is important is not only who is right, but also the overall image of the company (both internal and external), costs and the worst possible advisor - unnecessary emotions. 

Don't worry, we help you manage it all and overcome the most difficult crises. We have already been in several extremely difficult situations with our clients. We know well that our experience is what can help overcome a crisis, even one on a media or nationwide scale. We can boast that the vast majority of crises in which we participated were not heard from the front pages of newspapers, but often only because we were lucky and were involved on time. Several times we supported companies that asked us for support only when it was too late. From each such situation, in addition to supporting us in surviving unscathed, we also try to draw as many conclusions as possible for the future.
Action at the individual level in a crisis situation requires the involvement of truly experienced lawyers with a very broad view of the matter. However, it only makes real sense when forward-looking actions are taken at the strategic level at the same time. By acting comprehensively, we can get out of the crisis. Yes, we provide lifelines, but when we provide help in times of crisis, we do it only when we manage to convince our clients that it is appropriate to implement long-term, systemic solutions.