Legal subscription for companies - our legal protection that comes in handy when you encounter real challenges

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Legal subscription for companies - our legal protection comes in handy when you encounter real challenges in business. Service description


Conditions and benefits – easy, simple and fair rules 

  • Permanent legal services are a partnership cooperation agreement, beneficial to both parties. Legal consultations are the basis of our services - they take various forms - from responding to a lawsuit to preparing a contract template - or analyzing the project received from the contractor.
  • We prove to our clients that legal services can have a predictable price, and obtaining reliable and sensible legal advice, also from a business perspective, can be simple and easily accessible.
  • We provide legal support on terms individually tailored to the needs of a given client. A professional approach and providing both legal and pro-business solutions to problems is our specialty.
  • We provide comprehensive legal services in every branch of law relevant to the client's business.
  • In short - we receive a fixed salary every month, and you can develop your company well. A legal subscription for companies is a great idea to stabilize costs in the business of an entrepreneur or company.
  • Click here to see our price list for legal subscriptions for companies

Why is it worth using a legal subscription for companies?


A legal subscription for companies in Warsaw or Krakow, as well as for clients from all other parts of the country, is a very good choice for those enterprises and companies that want to entrust the handling of formalities to specialists. Legal advice online or via videoconference, in addition to preparing contracts and documents, is a basic part of our offer. This allows business owners and committed employees to quickly and conveniently obtain legal assistance, in a convenient form and when they need it. We are most often chosen by those who have already learned the hard way that it is not worth saving on legal services for the company - or by those who listened to the advice of those more experienced in business.

Paradoxically, using professional legal services usually pays off.

And we can not only write and speak well, but we can also listen. We have quite a lot of knowledge and many years of legal and business experience, but no one knows their case as well as the entrepreneur himself or a committed employee of the company responsible for a given plot. That's why we willingly listen to suggestions, because we believe that only when there is a synergy effect, we will achieve great successes together.

As part of the subscription, you can use the help of our specialists in such matters as: preparing a draft contract, determining what the actual content of the obligations arising from the already concluded contract is and what the remuneration due should be, according to it, conducting a court case, preparing a summons or developing an appropriate model actions in risky cases. We also support entrepreneurs, for example, in matters such as the protection of their personal rights.

A legal subscription for a company is the simplest and best way to guarantee legal security for yourself and your company. Access to legal services from a renowned law firm at an acceptable price. A fixed legal subscription means legal security for your company at a fixed price - regardless of the value of the contract or the subject of the dispute.

How does our subscription legal service work?


E-legal advice – online legal services


  • Without leaving home. Using a dedicated e-mail, you report a problem or issue to be solved.
  • We will handle all matters electronically or by phone, and if necessary, we will arrange a teleconference.

Telephone or videoconferencing advice – online legal services


  • We meet in person - also remotely, whenever the problem is more complex or if you prefer online legal consultations. No problem, we will arrange a video conference at the time guaranteed by your subscription - and we will help you.

Giving opinions and preparing contracts

We provide legal support in the preparation, review and analysis of contracts. We tailor the scope of services to the client's needs. For example, if necessary, we will easily take over your contract negotiations or arrange a joint meeting to resolve any discrepancies.

Pleadings – we employ experts in various fields of law

We provide comprehensive legal services, including the preparation of procedural documents, in every branch of law relevant to the client's business. As long as it's legal, of course :)

Court cases

The scope of our legal assistance is intended to meet the needs of our clients. Hence our quite unique offer on the market: legal services for companies - subscription. It allows you to reduce to a minimum unforeseen expenses related to conducting court cases. As part of some subscriptions, we will also conduct court cases for you.

Negotiations - what our clients say we are best at

We provide legal support on terms individually tailored to the client's needs, including contract negotiations. The permanent legal service package also includes negotiation support for your business, wherever you need it.

Benefits of subscription legal services
What is the cost of a legal services subscription?

For a legal services subscription, clients pay a fixed price depending on the package they choose. Prices vary depending on the standard of service and the number of hours to be used. According to ours price list Using a permanent legal services subscription involves a monthly fee ranging from PLN 1,000 to PLN 12,500 + VAT.


Saving time and money thanks to constant legal services

The price of an hour of legal services under the subscription is cheaper than our standard rate for legal services for the company, which leads to cost reductions - and the guaranteed availability of our services is greater. The hourly rate multiplied by the problem faced by the company is no longer something that can completely overturn the company's budget in a given month.

Tailor-made services and a flexible cooperation model tailored to the client's needs

  • The number of hours in the subscription depends on the client's will - we offer several different legal subscription options to match the number of services provided to you and the availability of legal advice - to your needs. It is the individual approach and the flexibility of the legal subscription that make it worth hiring us not only to handle a given case.
  • The client may change the subscription amount during the term of the contract, it is enough to notify the Law Firm one month in advance. All this to tailor our activities to customer expectations.

FAQ – questions about legal services for companies on a subscription basis

Frequently asked questions about subscription legal assistance

  • The remuneration for legal services is fixed. The client pays the monthly costs of a pre-determined subscription and in return receives the highest quality legal service.
  • We settle any additional costs only after the customer's prior approval.
    What additional costs are not included in the subscription and why? Because, for example, last week we had to send two negotiators to the negotiations in Vilnius. Despite repeated persuasions, the plane ticket did not fit into our regular salary :)
  • The contract for permanent legal services is signed for an indefinite period with a one-month notice period.
  • The cost of permanent legal services for small and medium-sized companies ranges from PLN 1,000 + VAT.
  • The contract for permanent legal services may be signed in person at the office of the Law Firm or remotely, i.e. at a distance. You don't even need to have a signature
    electronically to start cooperation with us.

    We cordially invite you to use our services: price list of legal service subscriptions for companies.

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