Inspection of the legal status of real estate

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Piotr Kłodziński – Legal Advisor

Inspection of the legal status of real estate


Purchasing real estate is one of the most important moments in our lives, because with this investment we usually spend amounts that we do not use on a daily basis. Any mistake can lead to the loss of funds, which will cost us several or even several dozen months of work to make up for. That is why it is worth protecting your interests well. The professional services of a law firm specializing in real estate can help us with this.

We have been dealing with real estate for 10 years and we know a lot about it. Both about terraced houses, single-family houses, apartments, as well as entire residential and commercial investments, retail parks, shopping malls and office buildings.

As part of the services of examining the legal status of real estate before its purchase:

For business/commercial customers: 

  • We support foreign investment funds in determining the legal status of real estate before making their investments;
  • We check the possibilities of implementing investment plans on specific plots and land;
  • We support entities participating in public tenders for the purchase of land, we cooperate with appraisers, intermediaries and architects;
  • We support investors who want to invest their funds in small shopping centers, commercial and office premises, and retail parks.

For individual clients:

  • Support at the stage of concluding a preliminary agreement, development agreement, final agreement and mortgage loan agreement for the purchase of real estatecuts;
  • Support in the purchase of an apartment, house and plot, both in the purchase process and in the complaint processes (warranty and guarantee) of development premises;
  • As part of our specialization in real estate law, and more specifically - construction law, we also support individual buyers in the field of warranty for development premises. We offer a comprehensive range of services - from construction audits and inventory of defects in the premises by the supervision inspectors cooperating with us, to preparing calls to developers and conducting court cases.

Yes, the notarial deed that is signed with the developer both at the very beginning and when the final transfer of ownership takes place can and even should always be negotiated. Experienced lawyers specializing in real estate law know that at every stage of such a transaction, interests should be secured - a higher level of security should be guaranteed, because this can often save a lot. We check not only the property, but also the mortgage loan agreement and the legal environment, e.g. how the neighboring plots are developed, which may provide us with several years of unobstructed views from the window, and finally the history and credibility of the developer. Both in Krakow and Warsaw, we cooperate with exceptionally accurate and reliable notaries who often consult with us on possible contractual solutions and the content of the prepared notarial deeds.

At every stage of the transaction of purchasing a residential or commercial property, we take care of the interests of our clients. Even remotely, we can consult the contract, examine the property, and represent you during negotiations. A real estate transaction with the support of a specialized legal advisor is definitely the highest level of comfort and security.